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Whether you drive an old car model or a brand new one, maintenance is necessary. Now the choice is yours, either you want to rectify the problem at initial stages with minimum costs or at the stage when it will cost you an arm and a leg. Moreover, overlooking car problems may lead to damage that would not be confined to your car only, but can also cost you your life. So, take care of your car and bring it to iverson motors for car servicing in Kilburn.

Do you know what regular car service can save you from? It prolongs your vehicle’s life, improving the fuel economy and reducing the engine, suspension, stearing and braking system wear. Above all, it will save you from any sudden accident or break-down.

What do we offer in car servicing?

  • Tyre servicing:

Tyres go through the rough weather and road conditions. Hence, they have a higher tendency to wear out quickly. Tyre maintenance includes tyre rotation, wheel balancing, wheel alignment and wheel tracking. Tyre servicing ensures high performance and safety.

  • Timing belt service:

Timing belt is an important part of internal combustion engine that synchronizes the camshaft and crankshaft for proper functioning of engine. Therefore, a faulty timing belt will lead to engine failure. So, a regular inspection of timing belt goes a long way.

  • Clutches and gearboxes:

If the clutch goes wrong, it will be quite hard to handle the vehicle or change between the gears. Similarly, problems with gearbox will no longer let your drive to be smooth because of transmission shifting delays and vehicle’s shaking body. A clutch and gearbox inspection will indicate any issue at initial level for rectification.

  • Brakes:

If you ignore brake inspection even after the appearance of symptoms, you will have to bear more expensive parts wearing out and requiring replacement.

  • Steam cleaning:

Driving on daily basis may cause layers of dirt and grim on car, but steam cleaning is a great way to perk up your car’s look without soapy water or chemical agents.

Visit our website to know more about us. All our service and contact details are on the website. We use the latest equipment and technology to find out and rectify the fault. So, you do not need to worry because we ensure you an unparalleled car servicing in Kilburn. So, give us a call or drop by our garage to get your car back on road – more strong, more durable!